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Mail setup

Since version v3.3.0 Bar Assistant can send emails if you have the correct configuration. This is not required but enables a few features like:

  • Request users to verify their email before allowing them to authenticate
  • Sending password forgot and reset emails

Docker setup

Bar Assistant supports the following drivers:

  • Log driver - Sends emails to a log file. Setup by setting the ENV variable MAIL_MAILER=log. No other configuration is needed.
  • SMTP driver - Sends emails via SMTP server. Setup by setting the ENV variable MAIL_MAILER=smtp.

To enable email sending via SMTP you need to setup the following ENV variables:

Example .env with SMTP configuration
# SMTP hostname
# SMTP port
# SMTP encryption
# SMTP username
# SMTP password

The rest of the variables that are related are the following:

  • MAIL_REQUIRE_CONFIRMATION=true - Enabling this will require users to confirm email before being able to authenticate. (Default: false).
  • MAIL_CONFIRM_URL="https://your-frontend.url/confirmation/[id]/[hash]" - URL that handles email confirmation on your frontend/client. This is the URL that gets sent in the email. The [id] and [hash] placeholders gets replaced with the user ID and confirmation hash. (Default: "").
  • MAIL_RESET_URL="https://your-frontend.url/reset-password?token=[token]" - URL that handles password reset on your frontend/client. This is the URL that gets sent in the email. The [token] placeholder gets replaced with the actual reset password token. (Default: "").
  • MAIL_FROM_ADDRESS="" - Email from address. (Default: "").
  • MAIL_FROM_NAME="Bar Assistant" - Email from name. (Default: "").