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Migration - v1.x to v1.5

Bar Assistant version 1.5 includes an overhaul of docker image:

  • Now using PHP-fpm and Nginx
  • New volume mapping: /var/www/cocktails/storage/bar-assistant
  • Improved error logging
  • Included docker compose configuration now exposes only one service
  • Updated Meilisearch to stable version (1.0)

The basic migration steps are:

  • Backup old data into a single folder
  • Remove old services
  • Switch to new configration
  • Use the folder with backup data as a volume
  • Start the services
  • Update Meilisearch user API keys

Step 1: Backup your existing data

Go into your existing docker compose folder and run the following commands:

# First create a folder that will store your backup
$ mkdir my-bar-data
# Backup database
$ docker compose cp bar-assistant:/var/www/cocktails/storage/database.sqlite ./my-bar-data/database.sqlite
# Backup images
$ docker compose cp bar-assistant:/var/www/cocktails/storage/uploads ./my-bar-data

You should now have a directory my-bar-data in your docker compose folder with the following contents: database.sqlite and uploads/ folder.

This is the most important step, as long as you don't lose this folder your data is safe.

Step 2: Stop old services

We can remove/change the data volume attached to meilisearch since all the data will be re-synced when Bar Assistant server starts.

# Remove volume related to Meilisearch
$ docker compose rm -s -v meilisearch

# Stop and remove services
$ docker compose down

Step 3: Update your compose file

Use the example from the setup guide.

The only changes you need to do is to update volume configuration to use your backup folder, and update exposed port of the webserver service.

# ...
    restart: unless-stopped
      - ./my-bar-data:/var/www/cocktails/storage/bar-assistant
# ...
    image: nginx:alpine
    restart: unless-stopped
      - 3000:3000
# ...

Step 4: Run the containers

Before running the containers, make sure you set permissions for your backup folder to user 33 (www-data).

$ sudo chown -R 33:33 my-bar-data

Then run the container.

$ docker compose up -d

When the services are up, make sure to update API keys.

$ docker compose exec bar-assistant php artisan bar:refresh-user-search-keys