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Installation (Source)

Please note, you should be familiar with linux server setup.

Bar Assistant is made with Laravel, you can check out default laravel requirements here. A few extra prerequisites are:

  • You have git installed
  • You have installed PHP >= 8.2 with required extensions:
    • Imagick Extension
    • OPCache Extension
    • Redis Extension
    • Zip Extension
    • Sqlite Extension
  • You have Composer installed
  • You have Sqlite3 installed
  • You have Redis server instance running
  • (Optional) You have one of the supported search servers. (Meilisearch recommended, Algoila and Database should work but not tested thoroughly)

After cloning the repository, do the following:

1. Setup your environment variables

Create .env file.

$ cp .env.dist .env
Update the required variables:

# Your application instance URL

2. Install dependencies

Use Composer to install the required dependencies.

# Install dependecies
$ composer install

3. Setup the rest of the application

# Generate a key
$ php artisan key:generate

# Create a database file
$ touch storage/bar-assistant/database.ba3.sqlite

# To setup correct image paths
$ php artisan storage:link

# To setup the database:
$ php artisan migrate --force

You can now configure your webserver to serve the PHP files from the public folder. An example config with ngnix is available here.

4. Install web client

After cloning the Salt Rim repository do the following.

  1. Install dependencies with npm install
  2. Add a config file to public folder: public/config.js
    window.srConfig = {}
    window.srConfig.API_URL = ""
    window.srConfig.MEILISEARCH_URL = ""
  3. Build for production by running npm run build
  4. Now you have a dist/ folder. You can configure your webserver to serve static files from this folder.